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Bakersfield Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Attorney William D. Olcott has been practicing bankruptcy law since 1989 and has helped thousands of bankruptcy clients.  Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, Bill came to California in 1987 to be near family and practice law. 

After spending his first years with larger law firms, Bill decided to open his own practice,   The Law Office of William D. Olcott. Credit card bills and high medical costs are daily concerns of many Bakersfield families and business owners. Due current economic problems (high credit card interest rates, soaring medical expenses and job lay-offs) bankruptcy seems to be the only alternative for most people.

Bill’s clients send him many referrals because they were treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve.  In fact, the office motto is “we help…we don’t judge”. He  prides himself in meeting  client’s needs and  giving straight forward answers to questions. Some of his staff has been with him for over twenty years.

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